Buy a Sakai Knife


To get your own Sakai knife, please proceed to the web shop. The first time you visit us you will be asked to create an account which makes ordering and delivery easier. Our knives are all handmade, so please allow an average of seven weeks for delivery.


When you buy a Sakai knife you not only get a knife of excellent quality, you also get a piece of Japanese culture and history. Master Hideaki  Yamamoto as been making knives for seventy-five years according to the same methods used to forge the samurai’s famous katana blades. His knifes are known throughout Japan and highly desired by professional Japanese chefs.


We offer a range of highly specialized knives as well as multi purpose knives. Each knife can be modified to meet your needs. We are especially proud to offer the Wa-Gyuto, a knife made exclusively for the Scandinavian market by Master Hideaki in cooperation with Swedish chefs.


If you still don’t find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us. We work directly with the manufacturer, and take pride in trying to cater to all kinds of requests.